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Chencho Tshering (Trainer Consultant )

Mr.Chencho Tshering served as a teacher, Principal and trainer for more than 16 years in both the public and private organizations. He possess a strong language skills and is a proficient trainer having wide experiences of leading, facilitating and resourcing several workshops, trainings and skills up gradation programs. Mr.Tshering holds a Master’s in Education from the Rpyal University of Bhutan,Post Graduate Certificate in Education from National Institute of Education, Samtse and Economics Honours from Sherubtse College, Kanglung. Mr.Chencho has participated in an array of professionally stimulating discourses and academic and management content development forums during his stint as one of the performing Principals of the country. He has made credible contributions such as Strategic Planning for Chhukha Seed Schools under the aegis of the erstwhile Royal Education Council, Module Development for Instructional leadership, Development of Training Manual for Educating for GNH, Framework Development for Class X Economics, Writers’ Review Workshop of Class IX Economics, Writers’ Review Workshop of Class XI Economics, Module Development for ToT workshop on GNH, Identifying of Training Needs of Principal and Master Teachers (Coaching Skills), Drafting of Administrative and Managerial Roles of School Principals, Development of Framework for Master Teachers and developing Guidelines for Sustainable Development Based Values Education in pursuit of Gross National Happiness , Development and training of Transformative Pedagogy and many more. Mr.Chencho is also one of the best trainers in the country with a highly proficient communication and delivery skills. He has facilitated and resourced many trainings, workshops and seminars such as Workshop on Strategic Planning to the Principals of Chukha Seed School, Orientation to New Revised Economics for class IX ,Workshop on Positive Attitude for DGPC, Workshop on Effective communication Skills for Druk Air Staff,ToT workshop on Educating for GNH, ToT on Media Literacy in Bhutan by UNESCO at Tashi Taj, ToT workshop on Educating for GNH, Workshop on Action Research for Rangjung RC Cluster to name few. A highly voracious reader and a person with professional commitment and ethics, Mr.Chencho spends his leisure time reading and enjoys family time. Currently, he works as the founding Principal of Yozerling Higher Secondary School, Paro.