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Leadership Post Covid-19

Covid 19 will have far reaching and deeper impacts on all aspects of our lives. And, one of the ways to make these impacts bearable is through preparation, planning and initiating the process of future proofing. While every effort is being made to flatten the curve of the virus, it is only a temporary measure to this pandemic, and will remain to be so until we get a vaccine against it. Until such times, we will always have to live under the fear of the second wave of this virus, and concerted efforts have to be put in by all to ensure that this second wave does not kick start especially at the heels of the first one. This would definitely call for some adaptations to our economic and social lives, and warrant gearing up for the New Normal. But, what does the New Normal look like? To what extent and to what degree should the adaptations happen? What could be the economic and social costs of the New Normal? Are we ready, both economically and socially, to pay the costs? These are various concerns that could be looming like the sword of Damocles for all of us?

So, we either wait and watch, or get swarmed up by the mammoth aspects of the issues, or pick up a strand of the issues and pave way forward? Reminding ourselves of the His Majesty’s expectations from us, we bring to you this module which shall help us understand:

1. How leadership landscape is changing globally?

2. What does it mean for India and Bhutan?

3. How can we be better prepared?

4. What would be the cost on Economy?

5.     How will people take it? 

So, the way we lead people and ourselves must as well CHANGE. But HOW?.

Requirements:Directors, Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Sector heads, Heads of the Organizations, Principals and Vice Principals.
Benefits:Post Cover-19 Leadership Skills
Venue:Le Meridien, Paro
Start Date:3/25/2021
End Date3/27/2021
Course Fee:12000
Course Inclusive:Resource fee, professional fee, certificate, lunch and two times tea & snacks
Special Offers:Access to iED resources