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21st Century Leadership: Building Coalition of Girl’s Education Leaders

In the 21st Century, the needs of the people are different and so is their outlook. Therefore, for dealing with 21st Century people, we must have at least 21st Century Leadership equipped with 21st Century skills to meet the challenges faced in this era. In this era of social media when the world is becoming more flat, the leadership must change with the changing times. We cannot lead 21st century people with the same old style of management. We must also know that in 21st Century the importance of educating girls is even more important. Thus, after having analyzed the current scenario, i-ED has designed a 4 days course on understanding 21st CENTURY LEADERSHIP to suit all levels of leaders

Requirements:All people who have leadership and management roles to play
Benefits:People skills, Task skills, Personal skills besides knowing the leadership skills for 21st century
Venue:Peling Resort, Phuensholing
Start Date:1/13/2017
End Date1/16/2017
Course Fee:12000
Course Inclusive:Professional fee, resource and material fee, certificates, lunch and refreshment
Special Offers:Access to iED resources