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Mr. Tshewang Dorji

Tshewang Dorji is a man of few words who believes in actions more than in words. He is currently Director of Finance and Operations at iED. He is also a trainer and consultant at iED. He was a quiet and trusted diplomat who has served as Counsellor Finance at Royal Bhutanese Embassy, New Delhi, India for 4 years from 2015 to 2018 before he resigned honorably from the Civil Service in 2019 to follow his passion of still serving the Nation but through private sector platform. While the Royal Government of Bhutan found a trusted financial professional in him to be placed in a nationally important 

post in New Delhi, handling the biggest and most sensitive development aid for Bhutan as India is the biggest development partner for Bhutan, he sacrificed his time away from his family and children in Bhutan for 4 years. Hence, resigning from the Civil Service after 21 years of serving the Nation was a professionally difficult choice to make. Similarly, continuing to be away from the family is a personally difficult choice to make. So taking a painful middle path of balancing needs of his Nation’s future with needs of his children’s future, he joined i-ED, which is a social enterprise business model built on balancing needs of business with needs of society. 

To name a few other important posts he held, he also served as Secretary of India- Bhutan Foundation Trust Fund, where he displayed his diplomatic skills in coordinating and conducting the meetings of the Board of Directors, ensured timely disbursement of funds and provided assistance to the concerned agencies whenever required. His work has been praised and appreciated by all the Board Members from both India and Bhutan. 

Tshewang Dorji holds a Master in Professional Accounting from Edith Cowan University, Australia, a Postgraduate Certificate in Financial Management from Royal Institute of Management and a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) from Sherubtse College under University of Delhi.