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Dorji Thinley

Dorji Thinley (PhD) is a teacher educator and is currently President of Samtse College of Education (SCE). He teaches curriculum theories, principles of learning and communication skills, and provides policy and programmatic support to agencies engaged in education. He was RUB’s Director of Research and External Relations and Dean of Academic Affairs in Paro College of Education for several years. He is actively engaged in policy writing, programme development, partnership building, international exchange and academic mobility. Passionate about the need for teachers to engage in continuous learning and development, Dorji has conducted numerous professional development trainings for school and university educators in Bhutan. He believes that the role of teachers and the act of teaching must be firmly rooted in and consciously guided by the wisdom of right View (lta-ba), right Contemplation/Understanding (sgom-pa), and right Action (spyod-pa) all of which collectively lead to right Fruition (‘brasbu). Currently, he is leading the development of a social work education programme for SCE.