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High Performing Library Management (HPLM)

Librarians and Library Assistants  are the most important people in facilitating reading and learning in our schools and institutes. Millions of amounts have been spent on the purchase of books for facilitating quality education. Therefore, they must be trained to give their highest performance in realising the objectives of our Libraries.

To this effect, i-ED has come up with the training program on High Performing Library Management for the Librarians and Library Assistants.                                                              

Requirements:People who deal with Libraries
Benefits:High Level of Performance.
High Motivation.
Venue:Peling Resort, Phuentsholing
Start Date:01-04-16
End Date01-09-16
Course Fee:9000
Course Inclusive:Tea & Snacks, Lunch, Professional fee, certificate and resource fee
Special Offers:Heavy discount on iED services