"If you do not have the desire to learn, to work hard and to show determination, I am afraid you will be left behind or at best outdated" -H.M The King Register | Login

Institute for Excellence and Development

Institute for Excellence and Development (i-ED) is a premier 21st Century training institute in Bhutan built on a social enterprise business model of creating social value, not just commercial value. It is based on honest thinking that good for business has to go hand-in-hand with good for society. In other words, good for society can be good for business too if we do it right and it is more sustainable in the long run. Therefore, profit is not a deciding factor in our business decisions – sometimes we have to conduct training even when it is at business loss because it is still good for society, and we did that many times so far. Our Institute also believes that all our training programs must do three things: touch your heart, stimulate your thought, and make you feel good. We understand theories are same everywhere whether in USA, India, Bhutan, or anywhere. But contexts are different, and it is the context that makes real difference. In other words, contents are important but contexts are more important. Therefore, all our trainings are globally competent but locally rooted. While we research our contents from global think tanks and cutting edge technological and skills advancements of the 21stCentury, we train our participants through Bhutanese and International Perspectives. Doing this, we believe, will ultimately not only training participants but Bhutan as a whole.