"If you do not have the desire to learn, to work hard and to show determination, I am afraid you will be left behind or at best outdated" -H.M The King Register | Login

Leading for Results

This program is designed to help leaders take their Leadership to the next level and use the learning to develop & influence their People to improve their performance and organizational results.

The key topics covered are, Self Leadership, Influencing Skills, Eight Leader Roles, Leading Teams, Performance Management, Creating a High Performance culture, Giving & Receiving Feedback. The Leaders will have an opportunity to practice their learning in the session itself through relevant case stories and case studies and other activities.

This workshop also addresses challenges related to bringing about Changes in the Organization, sustaining change and institutionalizing change.

Requirements:Willing to learn and relearn
Benefits:By the end of the program, the Leaders will be able to . . .
1.  Reflect on  their Leadership Practices & Plan needed changes to  bring Results
2.  Motivate and engage their teams to achieve outstanding results.
3. Plan & Put in place  Processes & Systems for creating a high performance culture
Venue:Khangkhu Resort, Paro
Start Date:4/29/2016
End Date4/30/2016
Course Fee:6500
Course Inclusive:Tea and Snacks, working lunch, professional fee and materials
Special Offers:Certificates and access to iED system