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Self- Leadership

Target group: Members of the registered Political Parties

Self-Leadership is an important aspect for political party members as it enables them to effectively contribute to their party’s goals and represent their constituents. Some of the key principles of self-leadership that can be beneficial for political party members are developing a clear vision and setting values that align with the political party’s objective and building a strong network within the party and across political circles. Politics can be challenging and demanding. Political Parties must ensure that their members cultivate resilience to navigate setbacks and criticism, be open to change and adapt to evolving political landscape. By embodying these principles, political party members can lead by example, inspire others and contribute effectively to their party’s success for the development of the Nation as a whole.

Requirements:Willingness to learn
Benefits:Equip with Self Leadership Skills
Venue:Hotel Nordenma
Start Date:19/6/23
End Date:21/6/23
Course Fee:9967/- per head
Course Fee Inclusive:Resource fee, professional fee, certificate, lunch, tea and snacks