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Understanding Economics

The module spreading over 4 days covers the following areas- Thinking like an economist, why market work, hand of the government, learning, earning and savings, building blocks for macroeconomics, monetary and fiscal policies, trading globally, growth and entrepreneurship and behavioral patterns.

Requirements:Trade officials, MoEA officials, Economics Teachers, Agency heads, Business Houses
Benefits:– Examine main ideas behind economics
– Understand and analyze the  ideas behind economics
– Critical review of types of market and their evolution
– Analyze the impact of the government on the market and economy
– Global trends and pattern of the  
Venue:iED Training Hall, Thimphu
Start Date:3/23/2017
End Date3/26/2017
Course Fee:12000
Course Inclusive:Professional Fee, Working Lunch and Tea-snacks, Certificates and Material fee.
Special Offers:Access to iED resources